Cylinder Maintenance of Motorcycle/scooters

When Motorcycle/scooters drives 3500-10000 km, it is necessary to carefully clean the carbon deposit from the combustionchamber,valve seat cycle, the exhaust . Clearing the combustion chamber Coke can be removed with a bamboo scissors, the coke in the exhaust can be removed with a screwdriver, do not scratch the combustion chamber wall, the valve seat face and exhaust wall. After removing the coke, cleaning it with clean gasoline or kerosene, then wipe it with a clean,soft cloth and reassemble it.
Air-cooled engine heat is emitted mainly by the cylinder head and the cylinder . Without these heat sinks, the engine can not work properly due to overheating. Therefore, the heat sink must be kept intact and clean, and  the motorcycle/scooters should be rinsed for a certain period of time, especially after using the motorcycle in rainy days,  be sure to rinse clean with water.

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