Motorcycle exports in 2017

    Towards the end of 2017, in November, the sales volume and export of motorcycles in China all showed a growth rate. The production and sales of motorcycles is expected to more than 18 million units in 2017, the industry ended six consecutive years of downward trend.
     Among the three types of motorcycles, the scooters have maintained the contrarian growth. In 2015, the sales volume of the scooters surpassed that of the CUB vehicles, up 15% over than 2012, making it the second largest exporter of motorcycles in China.This is due to the simple and easy operation of the scooter on the one hand; on the other hand, due to the urban traffic jam, compared with the car, the scooter has certain advantages in terms of parking and energy conservation,Scooters is more suitable for residents as travel tools.

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